Departmental Bulletin Paper スギ若齢人工林における劣勢木の本数割合の変化

國崎, 貴嗣  ,  KUNISAKI, Takashi

46pp.1 - 10 , 2015-06-01 , 岩手大学農学部附属寒冷フィールドサイエンス教育研究センター
The changes in the number ratio of overtopped trees over 17 years were investigated in an unthinned and a thinned plantation of young Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don). The number ratio of overtopped trees in the unthinned plantaiton increased with a decreasing relative spacing index of (Sr)≦15.4%, and was estimated to be 8.4% in Sr=15%, 17.2% in Sr=13% and 31.6% in Sr=11%. In contrast, the number ratio of overtopped trees in the thinned plantation was estimated to be 1.9% in Sr=15%, 1.9% in Sr=13% and 7.7% in Sr=11%, and was much lower than that of trees in the unthinned plantation.

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