Technical Report Industrial Convergence in East Asia

Kohsaka, Akira  ,  Shinkai, Jun-ichi

DP-2018-E-009pp.1 - 27 , 2018-07 , Osaka School of International Public Policy
Despite generally solid growth in East Asia since the 1980s, there remain large differences in productivity across the economies. Focusing on convergence in industrial productivities, this paper examines their convergence processes. We decompose industrial productivity growth into intra-industry productivity growth and inter-industry reallocation of resources. We find that, as contrasting to ANIEs (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan), ASEAN4 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand) have not shown persistent industrial productivity convergence nor persistent structural transformation toward industrialization, while China’s productivity growth shows some magnified version of those of Korea and Taiwan. In other words, we argue that ANIEs and ASEAN4 make two distinct groups in terms of aggregate and sectoral productivity convergence.

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