Departmental Bulletin Paper 「人間以上」と「人間の条件」人工知能時代におけるヨーロッパ的政治制度の行方
“More than Human” and“ Human Condition” How should we design European political systems in AI age?
ニンゲン イジョウ ト ニンゲン ノ ジョウケン ジンコウ チノウ ジダイ ニ オケル ヨーロッパテキ  セイジ セイド ノ ユクエ

常盤, 成紀  ,  Tokiwa, Masanori  ,  トキワ, マサノリ

3pp.71 - 78 , 2018-03-30 , 大阪大学COデザインセンター
This Article discuss how we can design political systems in AI (Artificial Intelligence) age, based on Hannah Arendt The Human Condition. If we entrust activities about politics to AI, it would promise the equal and rational judgements (or criteria of judgements). But political judgements are merely output, and the society is made by the communication among many values that have orchestrated by the time when that output is produced. To cut this process means making “Action” meaningless. As a result of that human identity would be undermined, and AI would suggest the criteria of judgements strongly with using overwhelming amount of information. But AI society could come, and we cannot reject that. In order to protest the suggestion of AI as appropriate, we should design the parliament or public spheres as the space where people discuss about justice or equality. Arendt’s “Promise” and “Forgiveness” that make the uncertain human society work is very helpful idea for this design.

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