Departmental Bulletin Paper スウェーデン医療機関における周産期喪失ケアへの多職種連携
Specialist Teams of Carers for Perinatal loss in Sweden
スウェーデン イリョウ キカン ニ オケル シュウサンキ ソウシツ ケア ヘ ノ タショクシュ レンケイ

管生, 聖子  ,  Wretmark, Astrid  ,  Sugao, Shoko  ,  スガオ, ショウコ

23pp.127 - 136 , 2018-03-31 , 大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科教育学系 , Department of Education Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン ニンゲン カガク ケンキュウカ キョウイクガクケイ
There is not much opportunity for sharing and expressing sorrow following perinatal loss such as stillbirth or an abortion, though hospitals where such loss occurs can potentially provide comfort in grief. The importance of care for perinatal loss has been shown recently. In this paper I report on research conducted at a Swedish medical institution, and I try to clarify the various perspectives of staff in multi-occupations. Not only limited to cases of miscarriage or stillbirth, people need religion when facing death; hence, chaplains are engaged at Swedish hospital. When parents want to receive personal support, they can visit the hospital easily. While taking advantage of expertise, the staff is working together. A common foundation of their approach is that they believe that parents have an innate power for recovery from deep sorrow. In order to collaborate in multiple occupations, this shared belief is important.

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