Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国語母語話者による日本語の撥音の知覚判断 : 撥音に母音が後続する場合
Perception of the Japanese moraic-nasal(/N/)by Korean learners of Japanese : Concerning /N/ followed by a vowel
カンコクゴ ボイン ワシャ ニ ヨル ニホンゴ ノ ハツオン ノ チカク ハンダン ハツオン ニ ボイン ガ コウゾク スル バアイ

韓, 喜善  ,  Han, Heesun

2016pp.73 - 84 , 2017-05-31 , 大阪大学大学院言語文化研究科 , Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University , オオサカダイガク ダイガクイン ゲンゴブンカ ケンキュウカ
This study examines the perception of the Japanese Moraic-Nasals /N/ by Korean learners ofJapanese. In the case of the /N/ followed by vowels (IN/ + /a, i, u, e, o/), there is a tendency towards pronunciation as various nasal vowels. The actual sound of each /N/ is, however, prone to change according to the speech style and speech rate. Korean language has three nasal codas (Im, n, IJ/). The Korean nasal codas are pronounced [m], [n], [IJ] respectively, regardless of speech styles and speech rates. Therefore, if Korean native speakers consider Japanese /N/ from the perspective of the Korean nasal coda, it is possible that they will misjudge Japanese /N/. A perception test was conducted using a minimal pair consisting of “/NI + vowel (/goseNeN/ five thousand yen)” and “vowel + vowel (/gose:eN/ encouragement)”. The test words were recorded in “slow,”“common,”“fast,”“faster”speech rates by 6 Japanese. The results showed that native Japanese speakers recognized /N/ in most cases. On the other hand, Korean learners of Japanese who had learned Japanese for less than 1 year were unable to recognize the Japanese /N/, and perceived /N/as vowel. Korean learners of Japanese with advanced Japanese proficiency had results similar to the native Japanese participants. Interestingly, in some cases they showed more accurate judgement than that of the Japanese. This, therefore, suggests that, as language learning progresses, the Japanese /N/ is acquired. Advanced learners, however, tended to pay greater attention to the /N/ sounds rather than the contextual factors on which Japanese were more likely to rely on.

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