Departmental Bulletin Paper 『說文解字繫傳』「疑義篇」考(三) : 「通釋篇」中の偏旁について
On Yi-yi pian of the Shuo-wen jie-zi xi-zhuan(3)
セツモン カイジ ケイデン カイギヘン コウ サン ツウシャクヘン チュウ ノ ヘンボウ ニ ツイテ

坂内, 千里  ,  Sakauchi, Chisato  ,  サカウチ, チサト

43pp.51 - 75 , 2017-03-31 , 大阪大学大学院言語文化研究科 , Graduate School of Language and Culture Osaka University , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン ゲンゴ ブンカ ケンキュウカ
The Shuo-wen jie-zi xi-zhuan(i.e. Xiao-Xu-ben), written by Xu Kai in the Southern Tang era,consists of two portions. The fi rst 30 volumes contain his annotation upon the Shuo-wen jie-zi which is the oldest existing dictionary, and are named Tong-shi pian. In the latter 10 volumes, Xu Kai’s original argument is developed. In order to verify Xu-Kai’s argument which he developed in Yi-yi pian, this paper examines the radicals of Chinese characters that are recorded in Tong-shi pian.

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