Departmental Bulletin Paper イノベーションにおける「文系」の有用性に関する基礎的検討

渡辺, 健太郎  ,  Watanabe, Kentaro  ,  ワタナベ, ケンタロウ

1pp.103 - 117 , 2017-03-31 , 大阪大学COデザインセンター
In this study, we examined the advantage of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in Innovation. In analysis, we used the Social Stratification and Mobility (SSM) 2005 data and tested the relationships between SSH, the gender-role attitude and unconventionality. However, the result shows no positive relationships. From the above, it seems that we can’t claim the advantage of SSH in extent of tolerance and unconventionality which are significant for innovation.

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