Departmental Bulletin Paper BOP 市場ビジネスとそのサステナビリティ : 価値創造プロセスイノベーション戦略を中心に
An Analysis on Sustainability Strategy in BOP Markets : A Focus on the Innovation of the Value Creation Process
BOP シジョウ ビジネス ト ソノ サステナビリティ カチ ソウゾウ プロセス イノベーション センリャク ヲ チュウシン ニ

吉岡, 孝昭  ,  Yoshioka, Takaaki  ,  ヨシオカ, タカアキ

20 ( 2 )  , pp.109 - 122 , 2016-03 , 大阪大学大学院国際公共政策研究科 , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン コクサイ コウキョウ セイサク ケンキュウカ
In this paper, the author attempts to examine the framework regarding strategies to develop BOP(Bottom of the Pyramid)markets, and to put business activity in a state of competitive advantage for sustainable development. A conclusion is that strategy to sustain the development in BOP markets is to continue value creation, to build the competitive process confi guration, and to make them continue by corresponding to environmental change fl exibly and operating management strategy factors all the time.In detail, BOP management strategy factors are finance(F),quality(Q),lead time(LT), sales(μ), cost(C),and risk avoidance(σ).An enterprise always makes the value creation structure dynamically fit, changed,and strengthened by maniplating these factors to achieve a goal according to environmental changes. The author has found out that alliances are effective means in BOP markets. In detail, it's necessary to share value creation with ① the support-type value creation(F), ② the acquisition-type value creation(V= Q, LT, μ , and C), and ③ the risk avoidance-type value creation( σ), for the practical use of a management strategy factor.

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