Departmental Bulletin Paper Nuclear Disarmament and the Security of Humanity

Kurosawa, Mitsuru

64pp.25 - 42 , 2017-02 , Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
This paper examines a new concept called the security of humanity in the context of debates on nuclear disarmament. First, I clarify that the discussion on nuclear disarmament has traditionally been conducted with the objective of improving national and international military security. Second, I discuss how, for the last several years, the humanitarian approach to nuclear disarmament has been strongly advocated through three International Conferences on the Humanitarian Impact and several Joint Statements on the Humanitarian Consequences, at the 2015 NPT Review Conference and in the United Nations General Assembly resolutions. Third, I examine three key historical cases in the development of the concept of the security of humanity: the Russel-Einstein Manifesto, the UN General Assembly resolution 1653(XVI), and the ICJ Advisory Opinion in 1996. Finally, I stress the importance of understanding recent discussions that emphasize debate on the issue of nuclear disarmament from the viewpoint of the security of humanity rather than of national security.

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