Departmental Bulletin Paper 集団成員の制御焦点が集団討議における沈黙に与える影響
The effect of individual regulatory focus on in-group silence
シュウダン セイイン ノ セイギョ ショウテン ガ シュウダン トウギ ニ オケル チンモク ニ アタエル エイキョウ

樽井, この美  ,  五十嵐, 祐  ,  Tarui, Konomi  ,  Igarashi, Tasuku  ,  タルイ, コノミ  ,  イガラシ, タスク

16pp.33 - 39 , 2016 , 大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科対人社会心理学研究室 , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン ニンゲン カガク ケンキュウカ タイジン シャカイ シンリガク ケンキュウシツ
This study investigated psychological factors that decrease in-group silence.Silence is regarded as behaving passively or doing nothing to influence group decision making in a group,and lead by in-group pressure,threats of getting negative feedback,and status quo. Based on the regulatory focus theory,this study used a hidden profile task in a group with three members and predicted that a minority member in the group primed with prevention focus is likely to speak shorter than those with promotion focus. Results showed that no significant differences were found between promotion focus and prevention focus priming.On the other hand,trait prevention focus of the minorities increased an illocutionally act in the promotion-focused condition.Implication of the result interpreted by the impact of activated motivation on the avoidance of criticism for passive involvements in group tasks among people with chronic prevention focus.

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