Departmental Bulletin Paper イラクにおける新秩序構築の模索 : シーア派、スンニ派、クルドの深慮遠謀
A New Order for Shia, Sunni, and Kurd in Iraq : Deep Decisions in Iraqi Actors
イラク ニ オケル シン チツジョ コウチク ノ モサク シーアハ スンニハ クルド ノ シンリョ エンボウ

吉岡, 孝昭  ,  Yoshioka, Takaaki  ,  ヨシオカ, タカアキ

20 ( 1 )  , pp.131 - 147 , 2015-09 , 大阪大学大学院国際公共政策研究科 , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン コクサイ コウキョウ セイサク ケンキュウカ
After the Arab Spring, we expected that a peaceful dream would come true in the Middle East countries by democratization, but the reality was completely different. In fact, it became worse. It is because that new governments couldn’t govern well. After that, greater instability ensued. In the case of Iraq, 3 actors (Shia, Sunni, and Kurd) are playing a power game. Therefore, a fully independent Kurdistan looks as distant a prospect as ever. Too many powerful players oppose it. The Kurds’ fate is to be manipulated by other regional players. But Kurds will become independent when the other parties have given up on being Iraqi. Until then, their best division is to consolidate.

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