Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国における国際裁判管轄規則の立法について
New Korean rules on International Jurisdiction

金, 美善  ,  Kim, Miseon

21 ( 1 )  , pp.103 - 114 , 2016-09 , 大阪大学大学院国際公共政策研究科 , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン コクサイ コウキョウ セイサク ケンキュウカ
The current Private International Law Act of Korea includes three articles on international jurisdiction. Art. 2 provides for general rules on international jurisdiction. Arts.27 and 28 set down special rules to protect consumers and employees. But, because Art.2 was an abstract clause, the committee which the Ministry of Justice of Korea established in June 2014, stated that it should be replaced by more concrete and individual rules. On May 31, 2016, the Committee proposed an official draft of the amended Private International Law Act, The official draft covers the entire range of General Provisions on International Jurisdiction and included provisions which relate family matters, succession, jurisdiction gracieuse and maritime matters. However, the official draft has not been published. Based on the above facts, this article sets forth the author's Japanese translation and a brief discussion of the key provisions from the draft which the Committee prepared.

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