Departmental Bulletin Paper 対人援助職従事者におけるバーンアウトと感情労働の関係性について : 事例分析を通した検討
The Relationship between Burnout and Emotional Labor in Interpersonal Service Professionals : A Case Analysis
タイジン エンジョショク ジュウジシャ ニ オケル バーンアウト ト カンジョウ ロウドウ ノ カンケイセイ ニツイテ ジレイ ブンセキ ヲ トオシタ ケントウ

土井, 裕貴  ,  Doi, Yuki

20pp.39 - 50 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科教育学系 , Department of Education Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University , オオサカ ダイガク ダイガクイン ニンゲン カガク ケンキュウカ キョウイクガクケイ
Burnout is a common problem among interpersonal professionals in present times. This paper examines the relationship between burnout and emotional labor through case analysis in each individual case. A number of studies have considered this relationship, but results are inconsistent. This is largely because the relationship between burnout and emotional labor has not been elucidated, as a variety of processes are involved for each individual. This paper tries to clear the relationship between emotional labor and burnout by giving each individual burnout case and not-burnout case from a preventative point of view. The results show that, in some cases of burnout, conditions of preventing to engage in emotional labor have led to the burnout and burnout don’t necessarily relate emotional labor. In addition, in some not-burnout cases, mental fatigue is felt in engaging emotional labor.

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