Departmental Bulletin Paper Electrostatic Spray Deposition for Fabrication of Li-ion Batteries

Naito, Makio  ,  Yamaguchi, Masayuki  ,  Kondo, Akira  ,  Abe, hiroya

44 ( 2 )  , pp.9 - 12 , 2015-12 , 大阪大学接合科学研究所 , Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University , オオサカ ダイガク セツゴウ カガク ケンキュウジョ
A dry powder deposition technique, namely electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), has been investigated for cathode fabrication of Li-ion battery. The specific features focused in this study were to prepare core/shell composite particles and examine their applicability for ESD. LiCoO2 (LCO) was chosen as a cathode active material. Around the LCO particle, carbon nanoparticles as conductive additive were coated, followed by PMMA nanoparticles as binder additive, producing core/shell composite particles. The nanoparticle-coated unevenness on the LCO was capable of significantly improving the fluidity of the cohesive LCO particles. The composite particles also showed a good electrostatic charging ability. In addition, the PMMA nanoparticles in the outermost layer of the composite particles played a crucial role on a stable electrostatic deposition. Thus, LCO-based cathode film was successfully fabricated by ESD using the composite particles.

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