Departmental Bulletin Paper Clinical psychological research on women with experience of abortion early in pregnancy

Sugao, Shoko

2pp.43 - 51 , 2016-03 , Graduate School of Human Sciences
Understanding of the psychological aspects of women who experienced miscarriage or stillbirth has been expanding in recent years. However, psychological research pertaining to women who have had a termination of pregnancy (hereinafter “abortion”) also during the perinatal period are very few in number. In order to examine what kind of support is available to these women, this paper attempted to depict the internal thoughts of five women who have experienced early termination of pregnancy through semi-structured interviewing and questionnaires filled out by the individuals themselves (IES-R). The result was not fully consistent with the concept of PTSD shown in past research, but it has revealed that the research participants showed signs of abortion-related psychological problems, which prominently appeared one month after the operation, when physical conditions start to stabilize. On the other hand, these individuals also spoke of their attachment to the lost baby. Based on these facts, it can be considered necessary to know in advance what psychological conditions are likely to occur after abortion, and for the people close to the individuals and for the individual herself to delicately handle distress or strong feelings of guilt, and accept the individuals’ feelings towards the lost child. However, there are still future challenges facing this research, such as biased subjects or paucity of cases. Based on these facts, it is considered necessary to continue conducting case studies and examine what kind of support will be helpful.

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