Departmental Bulletin Paper 世界的研究大学との協力による学生経験調査の実施と阪大生の特徴に関する考察 : Student Experience Survey in Research Universityへの参加と実施
Characteristics of Osaka University’s Undergraduate Students : Results of Participation and Implementation of Student Experience Survey in Cooperation with the World-wide Research Universities
セカイテキ ケンキュウダイガク ト ノ キョウリョク ニ ヨル ガクセイ ケイケン チョウサ ノ ジッシ ト ハンダイセイ ノ トクチョウ ニ カンスル コウサツ

和嶋, 雄一郎  ,  藤井, 翔太  ,  安部(小貫), 有紀子  ,  廣森, 聡仁  ,  齊藤, 貴浩  ,  前原, 忠信  ,  Saito, Takahiro  ,  Hiromori, Akihito  ,  Wajima, Yuichiro  ,  Maehara, Tadanobu  ,  Fujii, Shota  ,  Abe(Onuki), Yukiko  ,  サイトウ, タカヒロ  ,  マエハラ, タダノブ  ,  フジイ, ショウタ  ,  アベ(オヌキ), ユキコ  ,  ヒロモリ, アキヒト  ,  ワジマ, ユウイチロウ

4pp.1 - 14 , 2016-03-31 , 大阪大学全学教育推進機構 , オオサカ ダイガク ゼンガク キョウイク スイシン キコウ
Student Experience in Research University (SERU) is a world-wide project, in which all of the member universities employ the same questionnaire to understand the students’ behavior in their campuses. In the recent policy of higher education in Japan, the student experience is also regarded as one of the essential factors to improve the university education system. This study aims at understanding the characteristics of the students of Osaka University and their experience in the campuses. All the students at this university were requested to answer the survey from December in 2014 to February in 2015, and 998 undergraduate students and 826 graduate students responded (response rate is 6.4% and 10.4%, respectively).The result shows that the students of Osaka University spend as much time for study as the other universities’, but their learning hours outside of the class are somewhat shorter than the others.Especially, only the senior has more learning hours than the other grades because of their graduation research, and then it was made clear the problem in the learning hours exists in the first three years of the undergraduate. Concerning the student experiences in the class, Osaka University students have less experience of making output than the other universities’ students. Osaka University students also have less experience for positive attitude for discussion and communication with the other students, while they have a similar amount of experience of studying hard to have the skills and knowledge by themselves. As a result, Osaka University students have different experience with the other university students, and their academic satisfaction was influenced only by the self-effort of their learning, while the other university students’ academic satisfaction was defined not only by the self-effort, but also by the positive attitude for the output from the skills and knowledge they required.

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