Departmental Bulletin Paper ASEAN地域連携による高等教育の質保証とタイ王国のアクレディテーション・システム : 2015年度バンコク調査報告
Quality Assurance of Higher Education through ASEAN Regional Cooperation and Accreditation System of Thailand : Research Report 2015 Bangkok
ASEAN チイキ レンケイ ニ ヨル コウトウキョウイク ノ シツホショウ ト タイオウコク ノ アクレディテーション システム 2015 ネンド バンコク チョウサ ホウコク

早田, 幸政  ,  望月, 太郎  ,  林, 透  ,  堀井, 祐介  ,  島本, 英樹  ,  原, 和世  ,  Shimamoto, Hideki  ,  Horii, Yusuke  ,  Hayata, Yukimasa  ,  Hara, Kazuyo  ,  Mochizuki, Taro  ,  Hayashi, Toru  ,  シマモト, ヒデキ  ,  ハラ, カズヨ  ,  モチズキ, タロウ  ,  ハヤシ, トオル  ,  ホリイ, ユスケ  ,  ハヤタ, ユキマサ

4pp.25 - 34 , 2016-03-31 , 大阪大学全学教育推進機構 , オオサカ ダイガク ゼンガク キョウイク スイシン キコウ
The ASEAN countries are rapidly developing, and they are also expressing interest in higher education quality assurance systems. We visited the ASEAN University Network, the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment, the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization’s Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development to examine the latest trend in the creation of higher education quality assurance systems in the ASEAN countries. The aims of this research visit are as follows: (1) to understand how the ASEAN countries promote educational exchange in higher education, (2) to understand how the countries establish a cooperative quality assurance system for higher education to facilitate cross-border higher education services among the ASEAN countries, (3) to explore how the ASEAN network for higher education accreditation reflects the quality assurance of higher education in East Asia beyond the scope of ASEAN, and (4) to investigate the real picture and innovativeness of the higher education accreditation system including institutional evaluation and the educational program evaluation conducted in Thailand. In the future, the number of students from the ASEAN countries moving to Japan is expected to increase significantly. In order to improve the quality of higher education to meet the global standard, we must focus on the higher education quality assurance system in the ASEAN countries.

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