Departmental Bulletin Paper 大阪大学のハラスメント相談体制に関する部局アンケート : 調査結果
Survey on the Harassment Consultations System at Osaka University : A Report on Questionnaire Survey Results
オオサカダイガク ノ ハラスメント ソウダン タイセイ ニ カンスル ブキョク アンケート チョウサ ケッカ

上原, 秀子  ,  Uehara, Hideko  ,  ウエハラ, ヒデコ

4pp.51 - 62 , 2016-03-31 , 大阪大学全学教育推進機構 , オオサカ ダイガク ゼンガク キョウイク スイシン キコウ
In 2014, the Harassment Counseling Office at Osaka University conducted an awareness survey on the campus harassment consultation system, focusing on both our office and each school at our university. The questionnaire was sent to 281 professors or officers concerned with campus harassment problems in their roles as counselors or chairpersons of the committee of each school. The response rate of the questionnaire was 45.1%, and participants frankly expressed various opinions about harassment issues. This survey revealed the actual situation within each school, which our office had not been fully aware of. Counselors and chairpersons faced various hardships as they dealt with their school’s harassments and their expectations of our office. Our questionnaire results indicate the following three points. First, it is important that the Harassment Counseling Office enhances its collaboration with the staff such as the counselors and chairpersons of each school, in order to resolve the harassment problems. Above all, the staff should seek professional advice from our office about consultation methods. Second, we should give more effective seminars to enable members of our university to prevent the harassment problems. Finally, we should take care of both the victim and the perpetrator to ensure recurrence prevention.

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