Journal Article 狭間のケア提供者 : チャプレンとビハーラ僧の存在に着目して

日髙, 悠登  ,  Hitaka, Yuto  ,  ヒタカ, ユウト

6 ( 1 )  , pp.29 - 56 , 2016-04 , 「宗教と社会貢献」研究会 , シュウキョウ ト シャカイ コウケン ケンキュウカイ
In this paper, I discuss chaplain and Vihāra monks as caregivers between affirmation and negation at the scene of the care. Moreover, I interviewed two hospice chaplains (Yodogawa Christian Hospital Hospice and Children’s Hospice Hospital, Hope House) and two Vihāra hospices run by Vihāra monks (Nagaoka Nishi Hospital Vihāra Ward and Asoka Vihāra Hospital) and clarified their circumstances at scene of care and their ideas of care. Furthermore, I reconsidered terminal care arguments from clinical philosophy and Alphonso Lingis. In particular, I recommend the expansion of comparative studies of chaplains in Japan and Vihāra monks for the establishment of “the Universal Hospice” which is a place of the terminal care of the foreigner residing in Japan.

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