Departmental Bulletin Paper 2015 NPT Review Conference and Nuclear Disarmament

Kurosawa, Mitsuru

63pp.53 - 88 , 2016-02 , Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
The purpose of this paper is to understand the current status of nuclear disamament and survey the future possible courses of nuclear disarmament on the basis of an examination of the arguments during the 2015 NPT Review Conference. Firtst, I will evaluate the implementation of nuclear disarmament undertakings for the last five years and consider the two most eminent topics in this Conference: the fumanitarian approach to nuclear disarmament and the legal framework for a world without nuclear weapons. Second, I will examin concrete measures for nuclear disarmament: reduction of nuclear weapons, reduction of the role of nuclear weapons, de-alerting and response to nuclear risk, negative security assurances and nuclear-weapon-free zones, comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty, fissile material cut-off treaty, trasparency and regular reporting, and disarmament and non-proliferation education. Third, I will study four challenges to a world without nuclear weapons: U. S.-Russia relations, forum for nuclear disarmament negotiation, humanitarian concerns and security, and how to advance nuclear disarmament. Although the 2015 NPT Review conference failed to adopt a final document by consensus, the arguments during the Conference and the Draft Final Document by the Resident provide us plenty of information to understand the current status of the important issues and survey the future possible courses of nuclear disarmament.

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