Departmental Bulletin Paper Colonial Encouter and Modernization of Law in India

Sharma, Richa

63pp.143 - 170 , 2016-02 , Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
The research paper is descriptive in nature, sketching the ladders of evltuionof legal system of India during the British colonial period grom 1600 to 1947 to lacate modernisation of Law. The paper describes, how India became the Britisch Colony? How Einglish Laws were introduced in India? What was the early administration of Justice in British settlements in India? Why and how, British Parliament controlled the East India Company? Dvelopment and Modernization of Law till 1857. Nationalist movement of India and its impact over the development of Indian Constitution. The main objective of this paper is to provide first hand information on process of modernization of legal system of India during the British Rule to its readers. Durting the course fo wrinting the author attempted to use economic tools such as dependant and independant variables of law to identify valuable cotributors in modernisation process. To maintain objectivity, author will make only essential analysis scope for reader to analyse the environment in which modernisation took place.

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