Departmental Bulletin Paper 新規制基準下での原発差止め訴訟の考察(2) : 高浜3・4 号機大津地裁決定と同大阪高裁決定を中心として
A Research on the Lawsuits for the Injunction Order to the Operation of the Atomic Power Plant under the New Atomic Power Plant Regulation ; No. 2 : Focusing on the Decision by the Otsu District Court and Osaka High Court about the Lawsuit for the Provisional Disposition to Prohibit the 3. and 4. Takahama Atomic Power Plant from Operating

神戸, 秀彦  ,  Hidehiko, Kanbe

68 ( 2 )  , pp.161(307) - 218(364) , 2017-08-30

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