Journal Article 組成の異なる金属ガラスが有する比透磁率と磁気シールド性能の評価
Evaluation of relative permeability and magnetic shielding performance of Glassy alloy varying in composition

田代, 晋久  ,  脇若, 弘之  ,  中野, 亮  ,  五十嵐, 貴教  ,  石川, 智仁  ,  牧野, 彰宏

23 ( 2 )  , pp.356 - 361 , 2015-06-10 , 日本AEM学会
Glassy alloys have exceptional soft magnetic properties. It has an advantage that shaping is possible by thermal spraying method and ideal coercive force of Glassy alloys is zero as same as other amorphous metals. Glassy alloy's magnetic properties will be improved by control of internal stress and grant of induced magnetic anisotropy with heat treatment. In this paper, we fabricated ring and cylinder samples of two kinds Glassy alloys and evaluated its magnetic property. As a result, we found the relative permeability of ring samples is about 400 and that of cylinder samples is about 120. Residual magnetization of cylindrical magnetic shield is about 0.10 mT. Transverse shielding factor for AC magnetic field is about 10.

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