Journal Article Biaxial nematic phase of crank-like bis(beta-diketonato) copper(II) complexes established by X-ray diffraction and Z-value calculations

Kanai, Yoriko  ,  Akimoto, Hajime  ,  Ohta, Kazuchika

648 ( 1 )  , pp.130 - 147 , 2017 , TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
Published online: 28 Jun 2017
We have synthesized a series of six novel bis(beta-diketonate)copper (II) complexes, 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b, substituted by two bulky substituents in the short molecular axis direction to investigate their mesomorphism. The m, p, m'-trimethoxylphenyl-substituted derivatives, 2a and 2b, and the m, p-dimethoxylphenyl-substituted derivatives, 3a and 3b, did not show mesomorphism, whereas each of the p-methoxyphenyl-substituted derivatives 1a and 1b only showed a nematic phase, which was revealed from polarizing microscopic observations. We established from X-ray diffraction and Z-value calculations that each of the crank-like derivatives 1a and 1b forms a rectangular parallelepiped dimer and shows a biaxial nematic phase.

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