Journal Article Flying-seed-like liquid crystals 5: Liquid crystals based on octakisphenylthiophthalocyanine and their optical properties

Ishikawa, Aya  ,  Ohta, Kazuchika  ,  Yasutake, Mikio

19 ( 5 )  , pp.639 - 650 , 2015-05 , WORLD SCI PUBL CO INC
We have synthesized three novel flying-seed-like liquid crystals based on phthalocyaninato copper(II) (abbreviated as PcCu) substituted by bulky groups {(o-C-1)PhS (i), (m-C-1)PhS (j), [m, p(C-1)(2)]PhS (k)} instead of using long alkyl chains, in order to investigate their mesomorphism. Their phase transition behavior and the mesophase structures have been established by using a polarizing optical microscope, a differential scanning calorimeter, and a temperature-dependent small angle X-ray diffractometer. As the results, [(o-C-1)PhS](8)PcCu (8i), [(m-C-1)PhS](8)PcCu (8j) and {[m,p-(C-1)(2)]PhS}(8)PcCu (8k) show a Col tet. o mesophase at 314.9 similar to 362.9 degrees C, a Col(ro) (P2m) mesophase at 287.4 similar to 334.2 degrees C and a Col(ro) (P2m) mesophase at 331.8 similar to 386.8 degrees C, respectively. Very interestingly, each of the derivatives thus exhibits a columnar mesophase at very high temperatures. The mesomorphism is apparently originated from the novel bulky groups (i similar to k). It is also noteworthy that the Q-bands of the present PhScontaining Pc derivatives 8i similar to 8k in THF significantly red-shift by about 35 nm in comparison with those of the corresponding PhO-containing derivatives in THF.

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