Journal Article Effects of dot-type adhesive and yarn float on shear stiffness of laminated fabric with interlining

Kim, KyoungOk  ,  Takatera, Masayuki

86 ( 5 )  , pp.480 - 492 , 2016-03-01 , SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD
A shear model for laminated fabrics bonded with dot-type adhesive interlining was proposed. The effect of fixing two or more interlacing points by adhesive on the shear stiffness of laminated fabric was taken into account. Using the proposed model, a prediction method for shear stiffness of laminated fabrics was proposed and verified experimentally. The increasing ratio (IR) of the shear stiffness of face fabric due to bonding interlining was defined as the ratio of difference between shear stiffness of laminated fabrics and pressed adhesive interlining, and the initial shear stiffness of face fabric. The relationships among the ratio of fixed interlacing points, IR and adhesive mass were investigated. It is clear that IR is affected by the adhesive fixing of adjacent floating yarns in addition to the fixing of interlacing points. The experimentally obtained IR for a face fabric shows a linear relation with adhesive mass. Then, a regression equation for IR was formulated as a function of the mass of the adhesive agent using a small number of interlinings. It was possible to predict shear stiffness of other laminated fabrics with the regression equation and adhesive mass. Furthermore, the shear stiffness values of laminated fabrics were predicted more precisely by dividing the regression area according to the mass of adhesive applied during interlining.

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