Journal Article Plasma Nitridation of 4H-SiC by Glow Discharge of N2/H2 Mixed Gases

Akahane, Yoshiyuki  ,  Kimura, Kyosuke  ,  Kano, Takuo  ,  Watanabe, Yukimune  ,  Yamakami, Tomohiko  ,  Fujimaki, Shinji  ,  Kamimura, Kiichi

821-823pp.504 - 507 , 2015-06 , Trans Tech Publications
The mixed gas of nitrogen and hydrogen was used for the plasma nitridation of SiC surface.A small amount of hydrogen was effective to activate the nitridation reaction and suppress the oxidationreaction. The interface properties were improved by using nitride layer as an interfacial bufferlayer of SiC MIS structure.

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