Journal Article Single hook model of fiber figures in card webs

Sakaguchi, Akio  ,  Kimura, Hirokazu

86 ( 11 )  , pp.1121 - 1127 , 2016-06-20 , SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD
In card webs, many fibers are not straight and generally have hooks or bends. In this study, a one-dimensional fiber figure model is discussed. Using correlation coefficients, a simple classification method for fiber figures is proposed. This method enables us to classify fiber figures into five categories: straight, leading- and trailing-hooked, and leading- and trailing-bent figures. This method is then applied to experimental data. The results indicate that the absolute values of the correlation coefficients of the vector quantities between the measured fiber figures and one of our models are greater than 0.8 in many cases. Thus, our proposed method is viable for the classification of fiber figures in card webs.

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