Journal Article Effect of purification method of β-chitin from squid pen on the properties of β-chitin nanofibers

Suenaga, Shin  ,  Nikaido, Nozomi  ,  Totani, Kazuhide  ,  Kawasaki, Kazunori  ,  Ito, Yoshihito  ,  Yamashita, Kazuhiko  ,  Osada, Mitsumasa

91pp.987 - 993 , 2016-10 , ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV
Published online 20 June 2016
The relationship between purification methods of β-chitin from squid pen and the physicochemical properties of β-chitin nanofibers (NFs) were investigated. Two types of β-chitin were prepared, with β-chitin (a → b) subjected to acid treatment for decalcification and then base treatment for deproteinization, while β-chitin (b → a) was treated in the opposite order. These β-chitins were disintegrated into NFs using wet pulverization. The β-chitin (b → a) NF dispersion has higher transmittance and viscosity than the β-chitin (a → b) NF dispersion. For the first time, we succeeded in obtaining 3D images of the β-chitin NF dispersion in water by using quick-freeze deep-etch replication with high-angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy. The β-chitin (b → a) NF dispersion has a denser and more uniform 3D network structure than the β-chitin (a → b) NF dispersion. Widths of the β-chitin (a → b) and (b → a) NFs were approximately 8–25 and 3–10 nm, respectively.

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