Journal Article Suppression of Vortex Precession in a Non-Contact Handling Device by a Circular Column

Iio, Shouichiro  ,  Hayashi, Katsuya  ,  Akahane, Eri  ,  Katayama, Yusuke  ,  Veerapun, Salisa  ,  Li, Xin  ,  Kagawa, Toshiharu

Vortex levitation attains non-contact handling by injecting air through a tangential nozzle into a cylindrical cup generating the swirling flow. The precessing of the swirling flow causes pressure fluctuation. This phenomenon becomes apparent as the gap between the cup and workpiece increases, which significantly disturbs the stability of conveyance. In this paper, suppression of pressure fluctuation by a cylindrical column that stabilizes the vortex levitation is described and its mechanism is mentioned. According to the experimental set up, the pressure was measured at the center of the workpiece and the wall of the cup; velocity field under the work piece was visualized by PIV. The result suggested that the larger diameter column denoted the effect on suppression of the fluctuation because the precessing of the swirling flow became stable. On the other hand, variation of the column thickness had insignificant effect on suppressing the fluctuation, but sucking force became weakened since the swirling velocity decreased.

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