Journal Article 改良bounce-back法を用いた二相系格子Boltzmann法に基づく移動固体物体を含む気液二相流の数値計算法

鈴木, 康祐  ,  下口, 拓志  ,  大庭, 広輝  ,  吉野, 正人

15pp.25 - 30 , 2015-12 , 日本計算数理工学会
We formulate a numerical method for gas-liquid two-phaseows with a moving solid body based on the two-phase lattice Boltzmann method with the improved bounce-back method. On the surface of the moving solid body, the following three boundary conditions have to be satised, i.e., the no-slip boundary condition, the wetting boundary condition, and the pressure boundary condition. We use the improved bounce-back method to satisfy the no-slip boundary condition and the pressure boundary condition. Also, we simply specify a value of the index function according to wettability to implement the wetting boundary condition. In order to validate the present method, we simulate a two-phaseow around a circular cylinder falling into water and the deformation of a liquid phase attached to a moving plate modeling a plate separation process in solder paste printers.

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