Journal Article Lattice Kinetic スキームに基づく網目構造の多孔体内における流動・伝熱問題の数値計算法

吉野, 正人  ,  小宮山, 智  ,  鈴木, 康祐

15pp.73 - 78 , 2015-12 , 日本計算数理工学会
We formulate a numerical method for fluid flows with heat transfer in network-structured porous media based on the lattice kinetic scheme. In this method, the spatial derivatives of the macroscopic variables at a lattice point on body surfaces are calculated as the weighted mean values of finite difference approximations in calculable directions. This implies that there is no need to care about the normal and tangential directions at the boundaries. By using this method, flow and heat-transfer problems in network-structured porous media are simulated to confirm the validity of the method. The calculated pressure drops and the Nusselt numbers for various Reynolds numbers are in good agreement with available numerical and experimental data. In addition, flow patterns and temperature distributions at a pore scale are obtained for time-dependent flows. The results show that the present method is useful for simulation of fluid flows with heat transfer in complicated geometries.

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