Journal Article A new Chinese species of Eostrobilops Pilsbry, 1927 with a checklist of Eostrobilops and Enteroplax Gude, 1897 species (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Strobilopsidae)

Pall-Gergely, Barna  ,  Hunyadi, Andras  ,  Asami, Takahiro

(508)  , pp.85 - 95 , 2015-06-17 , PENSOFT PUBL
Eostrobilops humicolus Páll-Gergely & Hunyadi, sp. n. is described from Guangxi Province, China. It is characterized by the combination of a small shell (diameter: 2.3–2.4 mm), strongly ribbed dorsal surface, an infraparietal lamella not reaching the callus, and long basal folds. The new species is found approximately 500 and 800 km from the two nearest species E. infrequens (northern Vietnam), and E. diodontina (Hunan, China), respectively. A checklist of extant Eostrobilops Pilsbry, 1927 and Enteroplax Gude, 1899 species is provided. Enteroplax yaeyamensis Habe & Chinen, 1974, Enteroplax kanjiokuboi Minato & Tada, 1992 and Enteroplax taiwanica Minato & Tada, 1992 are moved to the genus Eostrobilops because of the lack of an elevated parietal callus and a peripheral thread. A map showing all Eostrobilops records is provided.

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