Journal Article Effects of Laser Beam Width on the Diameter and Molecular Weight of Laser-Electrospun Polylactide Fiber

Takasaki, Midori  ,  Morie, Kengo  ,  Ohkoshi, Yutaka  ,  Hirai, Toshihiro

71 ( 7 )  , pp.232 - 235 , 2015-07 , SOC FIBER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY
Effects of spinning conditions (laser beam width, applied voltage, and laser power) on reduction of molecular weight by thermal degradation, fiber diameter, and its evenness were investigated for the laser‐heated electrospinning process of polylactide fiber webs. Thinner fibers were obtained under the conditions of the narrower laser beam width, the lower applied voltage, and the higher laser power. Moreover, the thinner, the more uniform, and less degraded fiber can be obtained for the narrower beam width, while thermal degradation was inevitable for producing thinner fiber by varying applied voltage and laser power.

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