Journal Article 関節トルクを指標とした衣服の動作快適性に関する基礎的研究
Basic Study on Mobility of Garments Using Joint Torque

堀場, 洋輔  ,  日々野, 雄基  ,  乾, 滋  ,  上條, 正義

71 ( 5 )  , pp.165 - 171 , 2015-05 , SOC FIBER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY
Mobility is one of the most important factors for garment design. In this paper, we examined the relationship between joint torque and mobility with cloth samples of different elongation at maximum tensile force (EMT) by motion measurement and sensory test. In the experiment, twenty subjects bent and stretched their arms with the cloth sample attached. In the motion measurement, the elbow joint torque was calculated on the basis of acceleration and angular velocity measured by sensors on the hand, forearm, and upper arm. In addition, impressions including “elbow flexibility”, “elbow extensibility”, “restraint feeling”, and “mobility” were evaluated by paired comparison test. As a result, the low EMT cloth was found to have high joint torque power, which is required for motion, and it was evaluated to give an excessive restrained feeling. On the other hand, the high EMT cloth was found to have low joint torque power, and it was evaluated to be flexible and ease of movement. Therefore, there was a tendency that the impressions of elbow flexibility and mobility were lower with increase of joint torque power. The results indicate that joint torque power is effective for quantitatively evaluating the mobility of garments.

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