Journal Article Proposal of a Wireless Power Transfer Technique for Low-Power Multireceiver Applications

Bu, Yinggang  ,  Mizuno, Tsutomu  ,  Fujisawa, Hidetaka

In this paper, we proposed and verified the feasibility of a unique wireless power transfer structure called a rail transformer to drive multiple low-power devices such as electronic shelf label (ESL) devices. The rail transformer is composed of a rectangular, circular-shaped transmitting yoke and two transmitting coils to provide wireless power. Multiple receiving yokes coupled with receiving coils are installed across the elongated edge of the transmitting yoke. It can be driven by low-frequency ac power at 50/60 Hz. In our prototype, the transmitting yoke is 900 mm long and 15 mm wide. We obtained the minimal induced wireless power, and the voltage was similar to 61 mW and 3.5 V, which is sufficient to drive a typical ESL device. By designing a nonuniform gap thickness between the transmitting and the receiving yokes at the specific locations, we improved the uniformity of the induced power for multiple ESL devices.

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