Journal Article Influence of Ge composition in the Cu2Sn1-xGexS3 thin-film photovoltaic absorber prepared by sulfurization of laminated metallic precursor

Myo, Than Htay  ,  Mandokoro, Takahiro  ,  Seki, Hiroaki  ,  Sakaizawa, Takanori  ,  Momose, Noritaka  ,  Taishi, Toshinori  ,  Hashimoto, Yoshio  ,  Ito, Kentaro

140pp.312 - 319 , 2015-09 , ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV
Cu2Sn1-xGexS3 thin-film absorbers are prepared by sulfurization of laminated precursors. The crystal grain size is enhanced under higher growth temperature and/or sulfur pressure. By the XRD and Raman analyses, the crystal alloy is considered to be composed of majority monoclinic phase with minority secondary phase such as Cu-2(Sn1-xGex)(3)S-7 throughout the whole Ge/(Ge+Sn) composition range. The optical band gap is observed to be varied between 0.94 eV and 1.30 eV in relation with the Ge contents. A photovoltaic conversion efficiency of about 2% is obtained in the sample utilizing Cu2Sn0.6Ge0.4S3 absorber. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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