Journal Article Solvable discrete quantum mechanics: q-orthogonal polynomials with |q|=1 and quantum dilogarithm

Odake, Satoru  ,  Sasaki, Ryu

56 ( 7 )  , p.73502 , 2015-07 , AMER INST PHYSICS
Several kinds of q-orthogonal polynomials with |q|=1 are constructed as the main parts of the eigenfunctions of new solvable discrete quantum mechanical systems. Their orthogonality weight functions consist of quantum dilogarithm functions, which are a natural extension of the Euler gamma functions and the q-gamma functions (q-shifted factorials). The dimensions of the orthogonal spaces are finite. These q-orthogonal polynomials are expressed in terms of the Askey-Wilson polynomials and their certain limit forms. 

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