Departmental Bulletin Paper Comparison of seasonal growth and yield performances of Japanese cabbage varieties in Nagano, Japan

OWAH, James Daiwarkollie  ,  NEMOTO, Kazuhiro  ,  MATSUSHIMA, Ken-ich  ,  MINAMI, Mineo

13pp.131 - 136 , 2015-03-31 , 信州大学農学部附属アルプス圏フィールド科学教育研究センター
Three cabbage varieties, "Ajioh","Shutoku SP" and "Shinshu 868" were investigated at the AFC field, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University during 2014. The experiment was established in a simple Randomized Complete Block Design, where these three cabbage varieties were transplanted and harvested at five different seasons. There were some significant differences among the varieties in head weight, head width and head height, as well as the number of leaves and their weight. For seasonal difference, the highest growth and yield performances were observed in Phase 3 (harvested in October) among the varieties. The results obtained indicated that "Shinshu 868" produced the highest head weight (1.64㎏) and the highest head width (19.1㎝) ; while "Ajioh" produced the highest head height (14.4㎝/head). The phase 5 had no head formation due to change in weather condition from October to December.

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