Departmental Bulletin Paper 竹中勝男の基督教社会事業 : 概念構成と思想をめぐって
タケナカ カツオ ノ キリストキョウ シャカイ ジギョウ : ガイネン コウセイ ト シソウ オ メグッテ
Christian social work of Katsuo Takenaka : the thought and the construction of social work concepts

梅木, 真寿郎  ,  ウメキ, マスオ  ,  Umeki, Masuo

(66)  , pp.73 - 106 , 2017-12-22 , 同志社大学人文科学研究所 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク ジンブン カガク ケンキュウショ , Alternative:Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Sciences, Doshisha University
The purpose of this study is to clarify the construciton of a framework and criteria for the Christian Social Work of Katsuo Takenaka in additon to the changes of his view on Christianity, Society and the Thought. As a method of research : (1) to examine the influence of Walter Rauschenbusch's view of Social Gospel on Takenaka's view of Christianity : (2) to analyze the relation between History of Christian Social Thought and Stories of Social Christianity : (3) to examine the Christian Social Work of Takenaka focusing on Christian Social Thought. The results show that his Christian Social Work is social activity for the need of relief of the vulnerable people, groups and community. That is to say, it's socialization of human security with voluntary action based on Caritas.

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