Departmental Bulletin Paper 「都心回帰」が都心の地域社会に何をもたらしたのか : 大阪市北区菅南地区を事例として
「トシン カイキ」ガ トシン ノ チイキ シャカイ ニ ナニ オ モタラシタ ノカ : オオサカシ キタク カンナン チク オ ジレイ トシテ
都心回帰が都心の地域社会に何をもたらしたのか : 大阪市北区菅南地区を事例として
What impact has been brought by the urban core revival in the central district of Osaka? : the case of Kannan district in Kita Ward

加藤, 泰子  ,  カトウ, ヤスコ  ,  Kato, Yasuko

(122)  , pp.107 - 127 , 2017-09-30 , 同志社大学社会学会 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク シャカイ ガッカイ , Alternative:The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University
Since around 2000, metropolitan regions including the City of Osaka, have experienced rapid population growth, so called "back to the city movement." In this thesis, the impact of urban core revival in Kannan district in Kita Ward, one of the central districts of Osaka, has been examined by census data and interview data of the community leaders. The characteristic of the area is to be the mixture of residential and commercial areas and also it is a traditional district strongly influenced by the culture of the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. While long-tern residents are decreasing, new condominium residents are dramatically increasing. Although they tend not to involve in the local communities, some cases seem to open up the possibilities.

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