Departmental Bulletin Paper 「縄張り作業」 : 日本の大学における「外国語学部」の発展史の一考察
「ナワバリ サギョウ」 : ニホン ノ ダイガク ニオケル「ガイコクゴ ガクブ」ノ ハッテンシ ノ イチコウサツ
縄張り作業 : 日本の大学における外国語学部の発展史の一考察
"Rising from boundaries" : a history of faculties of foreign languages in Japanese universities

張, 韜  ,  チョウ, トウ  ,  Zhang, Tao

(122)  , pp.85 - 106 , 2017-09-30 , 同志社大学社会学会 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク シャカイ ガッカイ , Alternative:The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University
As a result of the educational reform in occupied Japan, schools of foreign languages, or GAIKOKUGO SENMON GAKKO, became faculties of foreign languages in universities. Thus, faculties of foreign languages and faculties of literature coexisted in the field of specialized foreign language education. However,faculties of foreign languages were questioned about their meaning of existence and had to start a "boundary work" with faculties of literature. First, they launched a purpose of "foreign studies" instead of foreign language itself, in order to be recognized as university organizations. Next, they introduced social science to their curriculum. Finally, making use of their inherent structure of departments, which is divided by species of languages, faculties of foreign languages arrived at area studies as their new "territory", which demarcated them from also social science faculties.

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