Thesis or Dissertation Ethnicity and federalism in Uganda : grassroots perceptions
ウガンダにおけるエスニシティと連邦制 : 草の根の意識
ウガンダ ニオケル エスニシティ ト レンポウセイ : クサ ノ ネ ノ イシキ

Ssali, Vick Lukwago  ,  サリ, ヴィック ルクワゴ

This thesis describes what people at the grassroots levels of the different tribal areas of Uganda think about the issue of federalism. It presents the findings from conversations with selected samples of ordinary people in ten different tribal areas of the country, that ethnic federalism, a recognition of Uganda's indigenous peoples and their indigenous systems of governance, is seen as one possible way of restoring and guaranteeing accountability in national politics. This is against the background of a post-independence history of undemocratic rule, instability, and deteriorating levels of social inequality along ethnic and political lines.

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