Thesis or Dissertation Modulation of in vitro osteoclastogenesis by glycated proteins
トウカ タンパク ニヨル ハコツ サイボウ ブンカ エノ エイキョウ

Mamun Or Rashid, A N M

Glycolaldehyde (Glycol) and glyceraldehyde (Glycer) derived glycated human serum albumin (HSA) significantly reduced RANKL-induced osteoclastic TRAP activity, while glucose, fructose, glyoxal derived glycated HSA have no effect. Secreted high mobility group box protein1 (HMGB1) bind to receptor for AGE (RAGE) and play an important role for osteoclastogenesis. Next, we investigated that the effect of glycated HSA on HMGB1 secretion and RAGE expression. Both Glycol-AGE and Glycer-AGE inhibited RANKL-induced HMGB1 secretion but not altered RAGE expression levels. These result indicated that some kinds of AGEs altered osteoclastic TRAP activity through inhibition of HMGB1 secretion from the cell.

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