Thesis or Dissertation 遮断器用油圧操作装置の動作時間安定化に関する研究
シャダンキヨウ ユアツ ソウサ ソウチ ノ ドウサ ジカン アンテイカ ニカンスル ケンキュウ
Study on stabilization of operation time for hydraulic operating circuit breaker

山下, 透  ,  ヤマシタ, トオル  ,  Yamashita, Tohru

We proposed and studied a hydraulic operation stabilizing system for a hydraulic operating device of a circuit breaker to eliminate the influence of air bubbles created in hydraulic fluid. We formulated the flow of hydraulic circuit and the motion of moving parts, which were numerically simulated and experimentally confirmed. We confirmed that this stabilizing system functioned effectively and stably through the investigation: operation characteristics and stability of the stabilizing system, braking characteristics of a piston-dashpot system and operation characteristics of two hydraulic operating devices. Based on the results, we could perform an engineering development for stabilizing operation time of the hydraulic operating device.

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