Thesis or Dissertation A study on cheap robust sensing for obstacle avoidance guidance based on bio-sonar strategy of bats

Yamada, Yasufumi  ,  ヤマダ, ヤスフミ  ,  山田, 恭史

Bats possess a highly developed biosonar system that can be regarded as the minimum sensor requirement for three-dimensional spatial sensing. The present study 1) experimentally investigated changes in the pulse direction, pulse emission timing and flight path of CF-FM bats during an obstacle avoidance flight as the bats became familiar with the space around them and 2) expressed behavioral principles observed in the bats during flight, especially in an unfamiliar space, using an algorithm and then embedded the principles into an autonomous vehicle equipped with simple ultrasound sensors. The findings of this world-leading biomimetic research offer new possibilities for artificial-intelligence navigation systems.

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