Thesis or Dissertation Foreign direct investment and income inequality : poverty reduction and policy implications in Vietnam
直接投資と所得不平等 : ベトナムにおける貧困削減と政策上の問題
チョクセツ トウシ ト ショトク フビョウドウ : ベトナム ニオケル ヒンコン サクゲン ト セイサクジョウ ノ モンダイ

Trinh, Nam Hoai  ,  トゥリン, ナム ホアイ

Inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) not only promotes economic growth but also helps to reduce poverty rate and income inequality across Vietnamese provinces. Therefore, Vietnam should renew its policies to attract more FDI inflows as part of the effort to reform its economy.

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