Departmental Bulletin Paper Emotion analysis using emotion recognition module evolved by genetic programming

Yusuf, Rahadian  ,  Tanev, Ivan  ,  Shimohara, Katsunori  ,  ユスフ, ラハディアン  ,  タネヴ, イヴァン  ,  シモハラ, カツノリ  ,  下原, 勝憲

57 ( 2 )  , pp.99 - 106 , 2016-07-31 , 同志社大学ハリス理化学研究所 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク ハリス リカガク ケンキュウジョ , Alternative:Harris Science Research Institute of Doshisha University
This research is aimed at developing an intelligent agent able to recognize people’s emotions and self-evolve. One objective of the research is to develop an emotion recognition module. Several methods have been explored in order to improve the results while maintaining feasibility of real-time implementations for later stages. The emotion recognition module is evolved by using Genetic Programming, and several optimizations have been explored as well. Also, during the development phase, we encountered questions regarding the best time of the day (morning, afternoon, or late afternoon) to capture emotion and which emotions are easier to recognize. We decided to perform another experiment on several recognition modules evolving using Genetic Programming and analyzed the results in order to move a step closer to understanding the best time to gather data for emotions and the detailed accuracy of emotion recognition by our evolved modules.

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