Departmental Bulletin Paper 人口減少地域における定住促進施策とIターン者の動向 : 京都府綾部市における調査から
ジンコウ ゲンショウ チイキ ニオケル テイジュウ ソクシン セイサク ト Iターンシャ ノ ドウコウ : キョウトフ アヤベシ ニオケル チョウサ カラ
ジンコウ ゲンショウ チイキ ニ オケル テイジュウ ソクシン セイサク ト アイターンシャ ノ ドウコウ : キョウトフ アヤベシ ニ オケル チョウサ カラ
Settlement promotion policies and tendencies among rural return migrants (I-turn) in depopulated areas : a case study in Ayabe City

鯵坂, 学  ,  河野, 健男  ,  松宮, 朝  ,  アジサカ, マナブ  ,  コウノ, タケオ  ,  マツミヤ, アシタ  ,  Ajisaka, Manabu  ,  Kono, Takeo  ,  Matsumiya, Ashita

(117)  , pp.1 - 84 , 2016-06-30 , 同志社大学社会学会 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク シャカイ ガッカイ , Alternative:The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University
In the era of high economic growth starting from the last half of 1950's, many young people in rural districts and small cities migrated to Kanto and Keihanshin metropolitan areas, or prefectural capital in order to find jobs or to pursue further education. These population movements resulted in depopulation of rural areas and congestion in large cities. However, from the second half of 1990's some inhabitants of the densely-inhabited metropolitan areas started to be attracted to the possibility of a new life in rural areas and small cities, and the number of migrants to rural areas gradually increased. In this paper, we focus on the case of Ayabe City which has been especially actively promoting programs for urban-rural migration and settlement promotion, and demonstrates various aspects and effects of these programs. In addition, we introduce our findings from a questionnaires survey and interviews to residents newly moving to Ayabe City.

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