Thesis or Dissertation Integrated studies on structure and formation mechanism of environmental consciousness in rural and urban China
チュウゴク ノウソンブ ト トシブ ニオケル カンキョウ イシキ ノ コウゾウ ト ケイセイ ノ メカニズム ニカンスル ソウゴウテキ ケンキュウ

陳, 艶艶  ,  チン, エンエン  ,  Chen, Yanyan

Long-time institutional and socioeconomic segmentations make rural China become a distinctive society from the urban China. The remarkable rural and urban division in China supplies us a good context to explore the formation and diverse social facets of environmental consciousness. This study aims to clarify the specific structure and formation mechanism of environmental consciousness under the different social backgrounds of rural and urban China based on the statistical results derived from survey data. Three dimensions of environmental consciousness and an integrated theoretical framework which involves both social structural and social psychological variables are proposed. Based on the proposed theoretical framework and examined data analyses, the inner causes and externally influencing factors of environmental consciousness were clarified.

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